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Did you get in a wreck, or suffer in some other unfortunate event in San Diego, California? We are a nationally recognized negligence law firm run by inactive U.S. Marine, Michael P. Ehline. Ehline Law Firm PC fights hard to achieve large verdicts and settlements for their clients. You must call a local negligence lawyer right after you are stabilized from your mishap, in order to protect your case. We are local to Camp Pendleton, Miramar, all the way to Ocean Beach and National City.

We know the layout of the city, and we have a tested, vetted method to achieve justice on your behalf. Our lawyers are known as tough customers by the big insurance companies, and held in esteem by judges and other attorney. Our dedication to the protection of client’s rights speaks for itself in a string of multi million dollar awards. Mr. Ehline is an industry recognized expert. He is rated highly on Personal Injury Warriors, is a multiple award winning Super Lawyers Rising Star, and he has been successful in representing San Diego clients to the best possible outcome for over 9 years. Let us make it happen for you too.

Getting Injured in San Diego

San Diego is filled with careless and inattentive people. It is the second largest city in California, and has even been nicknamed the “Birthplace of California.”  This is a town where there are a lot of colleges and kids drinking and driving, and vehicular wrecks (SDSU SUI Site: There are many potentially dangerous attractions here, such as Sea World, and para gliding over by UCSD. It is a popular town for senior retired people as well, as can be seen by the explosion in the need for nursing care specialists and other caretakers. The city ranks as the eighth largest city in the United States, it has been ranked by the Weather Channel and Farmers’ Almanac as having one of the best climates. This means there are constantly bike riders out there, as well as joggers, rollerbladers, and skateboards out on the public streets. Downtown has a pretty quiet train system that can speak right up on a person if their not especially cautious. The locals know to stay clear of the tracks that run along pedestrian routes of passage. But visitors are vulnerable.

This risk of traffic accidents in general is increased when you consider that the city boasts a natural deep-water harbor, has world famous beaches and a low violent crime rate. Tourist related mishaps are a strong possibility.  After all, San Diego is home to the largest United States naval fleet worldwide. There are many cultural sites and amusements for residents and tourists and in considered one of the must see places in the United States. So this is in fact a Mecca for fun, relaxation, as well as tragic events like fatalities from drowning, for example. It is only a matter of statistics that the government, or some other brainless individual will create a situation that causes you, or your close family an otherwise avoidable injury.  Knowing what to do, and who to call after a terrible, life altering event in this huge town is often overwhelming when you are already out of your element. Ehline Law Firm PC understands what you are going through right now. We are cognizant of the fact that you are probably scared, and feel naked and afraid.

Our firm’s primary job is helping victims who are badly hurt, or admitted into hospitals due to the negligence of another. Our primary goal is to get badly hurt casualties large amounts of money for their past, current and far off pain, suffering, medical costs and restoration for the losses of contracts, wages and other expectancies that would have ripened and flourished if not but for the negligence of the person, or persons that hurt you. We make best efforts to track down store employees, bystanders, physical evidence, and surveillance tapes. We send out Preservation of Evidence Letters and do everything possible to maintain and increase the value of your potential lawsuit in the eyes of those who will be viewing and hearing the facts, and ultimately deciding what get. Once vulnerable, crestfallen clients see us in action, they immediately feel a sense of assurance and hope that our attorneys are in this fight for them and them alone. Ehline Law Firm PC has the latest technology available, including sophisticated software and specialized legal databases at their disposal. This allows them to prepare a case that is convincing at negotiations, mediations, arbitrations and at trial. This allows us to provide the best possible representation for our personal injury clients.

The Importance of Resources

Ehline Law Firm PC has the resources to investigate the accident the client was involved, with the use of experts, in even the most complex and expensive litigation cases. Hiring a lawyer without the financial resources to investigate every element of a case, they may settle your case early, which means you could recover lower compensation than you deserve. As always, we do this on our dime and wait to be paid back until the case is over. What this means to you, is that you are no money out of pocket, and that your attorney doesn’t eat, if he doesn’t get you a win. Those are great odds!

Retaining a Legal Professionals

If you or a loved one has been injured in and it is the result of another person or entities’ carelessness or recklessness, this is considered negligence. The lawyers at Ehline Law Firm PC, are committed to providing caring and quality legal representation for their clients. The law firm has the years of experience and the resources to focus on personal injury cases. Call us to schedule a face to face meeting, or telephonic conversation. (888) 400-9721.

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